Fluxus Institute:

rationale for integrating new media into arts education:

     When Fluxus began in the early 1960’s, founder George Maciunas and his cohorts envisioned a world where anyone and everyone could make and share their art and lives free from limitations imposed by the marketplace.  Today the Internet has brought us very near to the world these groundbreaking artists dreamed of.  Phenomena such as blogs, wikis and chatrooms have provided new dynamic forums for the exchange of ideas, profoundly expanding our notions of collaboration and collective creativity.  As an online and traveling MFA program the Fluxus Institute utilizes the digital assets of the 21 Century for the propagation and evolution of Fluxus, Art, and the Human Spirit.

     As Associate Professor I will post to this blog lesson plans in the form of Event Scores (Fluxusignments) to be executed, documented and uploaded by FI-MFA students and other interested parties.  Over the course of the program, students will build a collective Fluxus portfolio and share their efforts with a worldwide network of Fluxus artists.  Please see the posts below my bio to begin your study.

- Professor Horsky


         Neil Horsky is an artist and resident of Roslindale, MA.  He received a BA in Art from U-Mass Boston in 2006 and is currently enrolled in Lesley University’s Masters of Education in Community Arts with a visual art specialization.  His work is informed by Fluxus, mail art, Happenings, Psychogeography, Arte Povera, the abstract movements of the ‘teens, sports and street games.  He works in a variety of media including drawing and painting, collage and assemblage, film and digital photography, video, public performance and interactive installation.

     Neil’s proposed thesis for graduate school is a series of public performances and installations, created collaboratively with community art and advocacy organizations, focused on transcending social barriers between races and classes in Boston.  During and after graduate school Neil plans to pursue a career as a community artist, art educator and scholar.  


Fluxusignment 87

Go to sites in your neighborhood or city in need of stimulus funding for a redevelopment or maintenance project.  Have a friend or bystander photograph you at each site wearing a hard hat and reflective vest, and holding a shovel while assuming a "ready" position.  Post each photo to this blog along with descriptions of the "shovel ready" projects.


  1. Very awesome concept. Here i find another person checking on the state of this economic recovery regularly! I am amazed by your accomplishments and talents professor. Ty for allowing me to comment. I am a novice next to you, probably less! You have some great ideas and i will be keeping tap on you for some of your future delights and artistic involvements.

  2. Are you familiar with the National Center for African American Artists in Roxbury? The economic downturn forced them to halt their plans to expand their museum and to create the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts in a new development adjacent to Ruggles Station. "Parcel 3," as the potential site is now called, would be known as "Ruggles Place," and in addition to housing the expanded museum and art school, there would be retail, office and residential space. Parcel 3 is where I would like to perform the shovel ready Fluxusignment. You should join me, it'll be fun! I have a buddy with a hard hat and reflective vest. Another set and some shovels can't be too hard to find!